Girls for Environmental Action

Our Mission

GEA’s mission is to discover and think critically about environmental issues and their connection to existing inequalities and our future; enhance our leadership and teamwork skills through action and advocacy, making the world a better place; and connect with our values, passions, and concerns, to find hope among other Girl Scouts working toward change.

Our Idea

We realized that on a global scale, there is a lack of concern/urgency when dealing with environmental issues. We recognized that the younger generations are emerging as the leaders and top advocators for the environment and wanted to build upon these passions. Girl Scouts needs a strong advocacy group for us to take action for our environmental concerns.

Our Values

As a group of Girl Scouts, we think that it is important that we apply the Girl Scout laws, values, and experiences to taking environmental action.

We also believe that today’s youth have the power to create the world that we aspire to live in, and make the world a better place.

Join us!

GEA is a warm and welcoming environment where any girl in grades 9-12 can come together to learn about, discuss, and take action on issues that are affecting our natural world.

GEA meets once a month over Zoom. We have discussion-based meetings as well as project and action-based meetings.