Spring 2023 Activities

 Join GEA for Education, Leadership, and Action!

Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors are invited to join this Interest Group, while keeping their primary troop membership and activities. GEA members can attend (virtual) team meetings, facilitate journeys and lead field trips for other older girls, mentor and be mentored, and build their resumes. 

Girl-led Weekend Camping

Join us for an older girl-led “car camping” weekend on May 5-7 and again in June.  Ideal for older girls (and parents) whose troops or leaders don’t camp, and girls who want to meet girls from around the Council. 

Get confidence and interpretive skills to lead field trips! Training will focus on local habitats, conservation issues, and observational skills. More information regarding dates and times is to come.

Field walks at local natural areas!  Meet for a trail hike to learn about the park’s mission, conservation issues, and local habitats, then meet with a park professional in a follow-up zoom meeting.  Spring field trip dates will be listed in early 2022, on the calendar on the home page.

Interested in joining us for any of the following journeys? All will be offered as one-hour "zoom" meetings and are free.  Dates and registrationMore info about these  journeys.

Journeys can be scheduled at YOUR troop's meeting time and facilitated by one of the GEA leadership team members!  If you're just restarting troop meetings, these environmental journeys provide relevant content, facilitation by Seniors or Ambassadors, and an opportunity to learn and take action as a troop.  Leaders, send an email to Anne Fege (GEA advisor) at afege@aol.com.

GEA offers three  girl-led, girl-developed advocacy workshops! Plastics and Pollution, Light Pollution and Local Wildlife.  The workshops are facilitated by Seniors and Ambassadors and provide skills that are applicable to not only take action projects but also higher awards (Silver and Gold)!   

Journeys can be scheduled at YOUR troop's meeting time and facilitated by one of the GEA leadership team members!  Send an email to Anne Fege (GEA advisor) at afege@aol.com.

Are you currently working toward a Gold Award project that involves the environment or sustainability? Join us for a bi-monthly Environmentally-focused Gold Award roundtable discussion, where girls working on higher awards projects can come together to make connections, foster new friendships, and find inspiration.

Join the national Tree Promise as Girl Scouts plant, protect, and honor 5 million trees nationally by 2026!  More info  about planting a troop tree, earning the patch at any level or the Trees Badge as Cadettes, collecting tree data in the Citizen Science journey, and learning more about local trees. 

GEA has four Cadette badge PDFs available for leaders:

While these badges can be done independently, you can also request facilitation for the first and last meetings spent working on the badge. If you are interested, please email Anne Fege at afege@aol.com for more information.