Ecofeminism Series

Explore environmental action through the lens of women and Girl Scouting. A series of meetings was planned, to build a community of interest with older girls. Two meetings were held, more were planned, and they will be offered if troops or service units ask for them. Send email with expression of interest to .

Meeting Two

Corporations, Political Contributions and Climate Change

On Thursday, March 31 at 7:00 PM, GEA will host the second meeting in the Ecofeminism Series: Corporations, political contributions and climate change. Dive deeper into how the dark money in politics impacts our environment. At this month's meeting, we are going to explore how powerful corporation and the oil and gas lobbies are in politics, and how their contributions to political campaigns can be detrimental to making effective change in the fight against the climate crisis. Watch this 3-minute video and join the webinar on March 31 at this zoom link (no registration).

Ecofeminism Series Mtg 1 - Intersectionality, Women, and WAGGGS

Meeting One

Intersectionality, Women, and WAGGGS

On Thursday, January 27 at 7:00 PM GEA held the first meeting in the Ecofeminism Series. At the first meeting, we established some basic definitions and frames of reference when analyzing environmental issues, learnined about the climate efforts of WAGGGS (the global organization GSUSA belongs to), and explored the disproportionate impact the climate crisis will have on women and girls.

Further learning