GEA Interest Group

The Girls for Environmental Action (GEA) is now Special Interest Group 4649!!  Spend time with older girls who care about the environment, the outdoors, and our futures! Keep your troop activities and friends—this is an interest group!  

Next meeting is Sunday, November 12 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, zoom linkWe’ll start with informal introductions, meet guest speaker who is a biologist now working on offshore wind projects, and inquire about topics you're interested in for future virtual and in-person meetings. 

GEA Video 2023

GEA Video 2022 

Learn about food systems, climate action, plastics and pollution, fast fashion, ecofeminism, and more.  Discover and think critically about environmental issues and our future.  Enhance leadership and teamwork skills through action and advocacy.

Attend (virtual) team meetings and in-person nature events, facilitate journeys, lead field trips for other older girls, mentor and be mentored, and build resumes. 

Future and past activities

Questions? Send email to  or co-advisor Anne Fege