GEA May Meeting Slides

May 2021

At our May meeting, we are going to have another (more detailed) look at food waste! A local Ambassador troop working toward their Justice journey award is going to speak to us about their project that is focused on food waste from homes, corporations, and agriculture.

GEA March 27 Meeting Slides

April 2021

At our April meeting, we are going to be discussing the environmental impact of food. We will not only discuss CO2 emissions but also land and water use. We will also be speaking with Carolina Leap, a farmer from Farmstand 67 in Ramona, about farming and agriculture!

GEA February Meeting

February 2021

At our February Meeting we talked about food justice and food waste. Under the umbrella of food justice, we learned about food apartheids and farmworker justice. Feel free to check out our resource document for this meeting to find further reading on the topics we covered, as well as more on actions you can take to work toward a more just food system in your own life!

GEA January Meeting Slides

January 2021

At our January meeting we talked about some inspiring environmental news, including the appointment of Deb Haaland to the position of Secretary of the Interior. We also spoke about the problem with oil drilling and fracking in California, and what we can do about it.

GEA 4th Meeting Slideshow, Dec. 12, 2020

December 2020

At our December meeting we spoke with Kate Veddar, a strategic campaigns fellow at San Diego 350. We learned about how SD350 works to empower youth in their advocacy and action, and about their youth fellowship opportunity. At this meeting we also began the planning process for our 2021 meetings, more information about those meetings is to come!

GEA 3rd Meeting Slideshow 11-14-2020.pptx

November 2020

At our November meeting we were able to speak to both Jo-Ann Julien from the office of Health Equity for San Diego County and Zoe Navapanich, a Girl Scout Alumna and senior at USC studying global health and neuroscience. We learned about the connection between climate change and public health that exists here in San Diego. We also spoke about action opportunities for youth here in San Diego.

GEA 2nd Meeting Slideshow 10-22-2020.pptx

October 2020

At our October meeting we spoke with Maleeka Marsden from the Climate Action Campaign. We learned about political engagement and what we, as young people, can do to take action at the local level.

GEA 1st Meeting SD Inequality 9-19-2020.pptx

September 2020

At our September meeting we had the chance to talk about environmental justice with Madeleine McMurray from San Diego 350. To go alongside this information we worked with Madeleine to compose a resource document so you can learn more about the issue.